Chia Plot Tetris is a tool to help you maximize every byte of available storage for your Chia® plots. If you only create k32 plots you can expect to waste, on average, about 54 GB per hard drive. But because plot sizes vary, it's possible to mix and match them to make the best of your free space. This is the “game” of Chia Plot Tetris.

If you've tried to work it out manually, the game's not so fun. This tool makes it easy. Simply enter the free space on your hard drive and choose which plot sizes you want to allow. You may decide not to include k35 plots because they take a long time to generate and are cumbersome. Or you may skip k32 plots for fear they may be deprecated in future. Changing units converts the free space you entered and the unused space in the solutions table.

Plot Sizes To Allow
Enter Free Space
k32 k33 k34 k35 Unused TB
0 0 0 0 0