Warped Chess

Final prototype

Chess will never be the same!

It’s time to teleport, throw bombs, and sneak behind enemy lines.

Warped Chess is an entertaining twist on a familiar classic. Exciting new actions make the game more fun. Fewer squares on the board make for faster play.

Setup is easy. The queen, one bishop, and two pawns are removed from each side. Special squares are arranged on the board according to a randomly chosen Setup card. There are 18 setup scenarios to try, including "La La Bomba" and "Zombie Apocalypse".

The special squares put the "warped" in Warped Chess. The Warp square allows a player to move a piece off one side of the chess board and back onto the board from the other side. It can be used to attack an opponent from behind.

The Teleport square permits a player to move to another nearby square in the same turn. Landing on the Bomb can blow an opponent’s piece right out of the game. The Poison square can remove a nearby piece belonging to the player who lands on it. After landing on one of these squares, a player turns over a card from the Location deck. The card reveals which square may be bombed, poisoned, or teleported to.

45 minute
play time
• 60 second setup  
• 18 unique scenarios  
• Exciting variability  
• 1 two-sided quad board • 54 cards
• 32 standard chess pieces    • 1 four-page rule book
• 2 cloth pouches • 1 four-page introduction to chess
• 32 symbol squares